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Private mailbox services

You can rent a private, secure mailbox at Wayland 
Pack & Ship with a standard street address -- not a
P.O. Box number.  

We offer important advantages:

  1. Many businesses and individuals are hesitant to send important documents or valuable products to a PO Box address. You will have a standard street address.

2.   Unlike a standard PO Box, Wayland Pack & Ship
      will accept letters and packages from all carriers
      and couriers, e.g. UPS, FedX, DHL Express etc.

4.   Call Wayland Pack & Ship and we will check your
      mailbox for you. This may save you a trip!

3.   If you receive a package that requires a signature,
      we will sign for it and notify you.

5.   We can forward your mail anywhere, domestic
      or international, while you are traveling on
      vacation or business.

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