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Custom packaging to ship safely: whatever, wherever

If you need to ship a rare Chinese vase, a valuable painting or a large piece of furniture, you need more than a cardboard box.  Wayland Pack & Ship will create custom packaging to fit whatever you want to ship, along with special insurance coverage and custom shipping services for large crates and pallets.

We apply the same care with your fragile gifts, glassware, important documents and valuable jewelry -- which will fit in a standard cardboard box.  Bubble wrap, foam peanuts, foam board and custom boxes are all part of our service.  Based on years of experience, Wayland Pack & Ship knows what will be needed to provide
the best protection for your shipment.    

Again, we handle everything:  whether you need
a simple cardboard box with special padding or a
custom wood crate.  Wayland Pack & Ship is not an
ordinary "shipping shop"; we focus on personal

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